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And this is why he’s my favorite Leader namjoon not happy about cleaning the members dirt

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baekyeol being dumb together  ( *´∀`*)(*´∀`* )

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no more dream - danger (x)
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God damn, God damn, God damn...
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"911? Yes I have an emergency"

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running in heels like a pro…

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Even though you’re the only one I see

It’s the last catastrophe

Place your bets on chance and apathy

From the wind in front of me

Take anything you want, it’s fine

Keep up the slow life for the night

This constant noise all the time -x-

kaisoo!AU where they have been long time lovers, only that in a rainy day, Jongin passed away in a tragic accident, leaving his soul looking after Kyungsoo. 

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it does baekhyun, it does ㅎㅅㅎ

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VIXX: Superhero Eternity

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kim taehyung with glasses.
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